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How To Keep Your Salon Successful in Difficult Economic Times

If you’ve kept up on the news, it’s likely you’ve heard of some economic turbulence. Given a turbulent stock market and rising inflation, experts predict a recession will happen in 2022. But it’s not all doom and gloom for your salon. Consumers are still spending despite booming inflation.

That means haircuts, eyebrow waxing, and lashes are still on the table! No matter what happens in the economy, people will head to the salon to maintain their look.

Of course, threats of a recession are still worrying for any salon. First things first? Take a big deep breath. As a business owner, your salon staff is looking at you for guidance. As long as you keep a level head and come up with a plan, you’ll weather the storm. Follow these tips to keep your salon up and running despite an economic downturn.

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4 Easy Strategies you can Implement Today to Get New Clients in Your Salon

Salon businesses are unpredictable when it comes to keeping and attracting new customers, and while some methods promise to return results, they aren’t always timely. In addition, salons are plagued with a 10-25% drop-off rate, just because of the nature of the business: people move, lose interest in changing their hair, or just simply don’t have the time or money to spend.

So how do you remain competitive without looking desperate and how do you use what you have to gain more business?

Here are four proven ways to gain interest and help drive traffic to your salon today.

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7 Strategies to Make Your Personal Beauty Business Profitable

The secret to making your personal beauty business more profitable relies on one of two things happening: you start making more money from your existing clients, or you start increasing your number of clients.

All strategies stem from one of these two options. So how do you narrow down a plan? To help with just that, we’ve curated a list of 7 strategies that are sure to make your beauty business profitable.

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10 Steps to Build Your Salons Brand Image

The process of creating a brand and brand image is an important but often under looked aspect of having a successful business. Your brand image is created by looking at the marketplace and determining how your salon or business best fits in to be competitive.

If your business is struggling to be successful attracting new customers in the market its time to look at your brand image. Take a look at our guide on how to create a new image or refresh your current one in order to be as successful as you can be.

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8 Ways To Offer Great Customer Service in Your Salon

It’s a no-brainer that excellent customer service is a necessity for your salon. 93% of customers say they will make repeat purchases with companies that provide great service. As a business owner, it’s essential to create a comprehensive customer service strategy with all your employees. Follow these tips to improve your salon’s customer experience


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Running a spa or salon is riddled with challenges on its own, and that’s before you consider economic disasters, like COVID, that could close a salon.

We can’t do anything about the economic impacts, but we can better prepare you for common issues you may face when establishing or growing your salon business.

When working on the brand and offerings for your salon, mistakes can be made on two ends of the salon spectrum: the business-facing and the customer-facing sides.

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Respected and appreciated employees will stay loyal to your salon. Motivated employees will help lower turnover and increase client retention for your salon. Follow these six tips to create a supportive environment and retain your top performers.

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Modern business is tied to social media at the hip. Companies can’t fully function without the help of social media, more so where marketing and promotion is concerned. Whether your business focuses on services or products, you must master the art of using social media to turn negative reviews into positive reviews.

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The only constant in business is change and we need to keep up with the changes in order to continue being successful as businesses. It is important for future growth and success to cater to customer’s needs and desires.

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Check out this guide on setting up a Google My Business account and using it to grow the number of salon visitors you get.

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Turn those drop in clients into return customers.

How to make sure new clients keep coming back for more. Tips and tricks to grow your client list.


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How to motivate your staff to sell more retail.

Successful businesses have motivated employees. How to educate, motivate and find the best practices for empowering staff to sell more retail products.

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Quick Tips for Merchandising

Four ideas on how to display your salon’s products in order to increase your sales and make the most money.

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Making More Money

How to make your salon & spa more profitable. Tips and tricks for increanig revenue from your existing clients.

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10 Easy Steps To Selling More Retail

10 Easy steps you can start taking today to increase your retail sales and increasing your bottom line.

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