What data of yours is stored at Eyebrowz?

Eyebrowz stores your account data along with your order history, entered addresses, saved payment information, and art preferences.

As a Data Processor (in GDPR terminology), Eyebrowz only stores its users’ minimal data.

GDPR says that, as a Data Controller, you have the right to have your data erased and prevent further processing by your Data Processor (in this case, Eyebrowz).

In compliance towards article 17 from GDPR, we are obliged to delete all your data at your request.

Deleting your data, which is necessary for Eyebrowz to provide its services, will interrupt its functionality and your ability to view order history.

You can send us your request for deletion of your data:
[email protected]

We will permanently delete them from our database and send you a confirmation on the same.

Can you delete your data from Eyebrowz, by yourself?

Yes. There is a link available to delete your account on your “My Account” page. Simply click the link and proceed. You will be redirected to the home screen and receive an email confirming your deletion request.

You may review the permissions you have granted for Eyebrowz under Security settings of your Facebook Account / Google Account at any point in time. In case you have decided to revoke your authorizations for Eyebrowz, it will prevent Eyebrowz from accessing any data of yours, and it will stop its functionality entirely.