Are you wondering how you can make more money in your business without having to find more customers or spend money on advertising? Increasing your average ticket is the simplest way to bring home more.

The “ticket” is the total amount of money a customer spends per trip to your salon and even tiny increases to your average ticket amount can mean a huge increase in the money you are making each week. 

Imagine you see 30 clients in a week and their average ticket is $65.00 per visit. By adding just $5 to each ticket, that’s an extra $150 every week!

See our Google Sheet Calculator for how much more you can be making by just adding a few dollars to your average ticket:


Learn these strategies to start increasing your average ticket!

Upselling replaces the service the customer came in for with a more expensive one. For example, if a customer comes in for a brow wax, you sell them a full face wax.

In cross-selling, services are added to existing appointments. Offering lash extensions and brow threading together is an example of cross-selling. Only do this if you have extra time at the end of the appointment.

Add-Ons are not time-consuming, but add extra costs to your consumer. Adding a clear brow gel to an existing brow lamination service is an example of this.

It’s good to cross-sell and upsell to increase sales but the problem is, selling more services takes up more time. When you offer add-ons to your customers, you get more revenue without taking up extra time.

Here are three things you can do today to make more money with add-ons.

It is true that selling products for retail and creating add-on revenue is a fantastic way to increase the average ticket, but many people struggle with it. Follow these tips to make it easier:

#1 Educate without selling

The best place to talk about products is when you have a client in the chair. Afterward, use a few products to finish their look and explain why/how you are using them. For example, use if they want a clean look use some clear gel and tell them about the benefits and how to use it. Then just let them know you have these products for purchase if they want to add them on.

#2 Use the law of averages

A customer can easily reject one product suggestion. But according to the law of averages, the more product you use and discuss in the appointment, the more likely customer will accept at least one of the products you offer as an add-on.

#3 Match products with your services

Think about what services you currently offer and what products complement those services. Make those products prominently available for sale. If you do brow threading for your customers, you could offer to fill in and define their eyebrows with brow powder, and then offer it for sale when they are happy with the way it looks.

Finally, build trust with clients.

Customers can tell when you are trying to sell them something. Trust must be established before recommending products or services, so just practice working these things into the flow of your appointments.

Customers who trust you will spend more money and will actually try the products you recommend. As an added bonus, they are also likely to refer you to their friends.

Start increasing your average ticket today with add-ons and let us know how it goes!